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Why trade at FOREX?

Huge profit potential, freedom of time and place and much more. Discover why FOREX traders love it.  Discover the Reasons

Discover the Reasons

Software & Robots

What is the difference between FOREX Trading Software & FOREX Robots?  Technology Insights

Technology Insights


A critical aspect of your success is your broker!  How to find one

How to find one
If you asked FOREX traders the number one reason they traded FOREX, most of them would probably say: Profit Potential FOREX Trading Software vs. FOREX Robots If you find that right broker, you can be sure that you can truly make money

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The #1 reason to trade the FOREX is...

#1 Reason?

There is a unique and potentially very profitable opportunity offered through FOREX markets regardless of the condition of the market. Plus you can choose, when and where you want to trade.
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Get an overview about FOREX software and FOREX robots


To help you trade the FOREX there is a large number of software packages/apps available. From charting software to fully automated trading with FOREX-Robots. Choosing the right software ist not easy.
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Finding a broker you can trust is important


Finding the right FOREX-Broker for your trading is crucial. Since you will trust him with your money, you should choose properly. It also depends, what kind of trading you want to perform.
FOREX Brokers

Discover the World auf FOREX - From the Basics to Fully Automated Trading

Why Traders love to trade the FOREX
Trading Possibilities Trading Possibilities Every Day. You can trade by buying or selling in the FOREX market in either direction.
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Find out the difference between FOREX-Software and FOREX-Robots
Chart Analysis There is a large variety of software to choose from, depending on the way, you want to trade.
Software & Robots
Finding a good Broker is cruicial!
Brokers and more A good FOREX Broker is your best friend, so try your best to choose good right from the beginning.
More about Brokers
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FOREX for Beginners Download our FOREX eBook for Beginners. We show you, where to start, what to do and what to avoid.
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While the technical aspects of trading at the FOREX market are not too difficult to grasp - even for a beginner - understanding and internalizing all the disturbing side effects and inavitable risks involved can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately most beginning traders at FOREX start with losing money, because they don’t completely understand the rules and the mechanisms of their action and the outcome of their trades.

Only a solid understanding of the basics of FOREX trading helps here. Only after a newcomer has understood the geometrics of charts, the math behind indicators and the logic of trading systems and the implications and immense risks involved, he should start to trade.

Our new eBook covers all this and much more. By the end of working through this new eBook, you should have a solid understanding of the trading at FOREX. Better go for a little investment in time and money now, than lose a lot later...

60 pages from front to back, filled with 11 chapters, full of valuable information and countless ideas! From the Basics and how to Get started, to Charts, Indicators, Strategy and Tips! Read about it in the book and learn from it, instead of learning it the hard way by loosing money...

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