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The worst newbie mistake goes like this:

Almost everyone, who discovers the FOREX wants to jump right in and try to make some money. So, most new traders get a broker, open an account, install software and start trading. And before they even know, how the whole thing works, they lost already hundreds or thousands of Dollars!

Obviously, this is not the best strategy!

Do yourself a favour and invest some time into reading! Buy a few books and read a few articles about trading!

It is much better to spend a few bucks on information, than loosing hundreds, or even thousands in the first few days. And all you do in the following weeks is, to try and win back your money.

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Discover the #1 Reason To Trade The FOREX
Read about the differences Between FOREX And Stocks
What is meant by 'Easy In - Easy Out'
Discover how to get started In FOREX Trading
Learn about the Types Of Accounts
Find out how to Stay Away From Disreputable Brokers
After the Chapters about the Basics and how to Get Started, you should have a good idea already, how that all works. But there is much more to discover...
Discover a Solid Basic Strategy
Understand Fundamental Analysis
Master Technical Analysis
Learn to figure out Bar Charts
Start to like Candlestick Charts
What are Technical Indicators?
The Stochastic Oscillator and much more
No book on FOREX would be complete without a strategy. So we made an extra effort to make the chapter on strategy a very good one. Plus, we added loads of tips and tricks!
Determining Your Strategy
Comparing Brokers Is Vital
Tips For Trading Successfully
Additional Market Wisdom To Help You Trade Successfully
Why Consistency And Discipline are Key to your Success!
Discover how to avoid taking too much risk
FOREX Trading Systems
Read about all this and MUCH more! The investment into our eBook is so little, compared to the huge mistakes you can make, if you don't know about the traps almost all newbies fall into. Do yourself a favour and start with a solid foundation - Plus get lots of tips and tricks on top.
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